52-54 quai de Dion-Bouton - CS 80001, Puteaux, 92800, France

As a worldwide scientific congress in the field of electrophysiology and cardiac techniques, CARDIOSTIM-EHRA EUROPACE gathers more than 5,600 scientists, including the most distinguished ones from all over the world every two years in Nice, France. CARDIOSTIM-EHRA EUROPACE allows the delegates to learn, be trained and find concrete answers for their practices through a top quality program, mixing communication about the latest findings, case studies and CME sessions.

CARDIOSTIM-EHRA EUROPACE 2016 was held in the Acropolis Convention Center - Nice, France. This edition demonstrated the hatching of techniques that were announced in previous editions, that are now used on the clinical scene: leadless pacemakers, sub-cutaneous ICDs, navigation systems for ablation techniques, VT/VF ablation, new technologies, and many more...

Our goals are to propose education, translation and academic information of basic science to practice in all facets of our specialty.

The next CARDIOSTIM-EHRA EUROPE will take place in 2018.